12 February 2017

Freedom Is a Lot to Lose

Once again, I am taking a page from another blog rather than review. I'm immersed in reading short stories right now - the fantastic final selected works of E. L. Doctorow of special note - and Refugees, a new collection by the amazing Viet Nguyen, among others, so I will not have a novel to review for a while, but there are oh so many of the past worth revisiting, particularly those of political import.

Pulitzer Prize Winner Viet Nguyen

I've not read all of these. And I've only just read The Sympathizer, which is a hard read, dense and brilliant and with a protagonist difficult to relate to, but certainly worthy of the Pulitzer.  I will be reading those on the list I've not read because this is the time to revisit freedom in the words and stories of great novelists.

James Baldwin
Of special note is James Baldwin, whose poetry I've been rereading because of the amazing new documentary, I am Not Your Negro, a painful, profoundly troubling reminder that America has a shameful past that keep returning to haunt us. See the film, read his work, check in with your own racial pulse and consider what sort of world you want to live in. And when the Facebook posts and Twitter feed and broadcast news is just too hard to bear, read, read, read...

A great selection of important political books not 1984. Cheers.

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