28 June 2011

Summer Reading

Not that I've had a free moment lately nor has the weather been optimum to sit on the beach [by the time I like to go, at day's end, it's been a bit too cool even with a sweathshirt] but I am reading a lot and always happy to share. You might know that I am the OCBookBlogger for a regional website and I've posted recently one book I especially like plus a summer reading list for grown-ups. Go to www.ocinsite.com/index.php/blog and scroll to me.

As for what's on my pile [or my Kindle] The Borrower, the new Mary Gordon, Silver Sparrow, War and Peace [never got to that one last summer] and the latest Lionel Shriver, plus another look at the Pulitzer Winner by Jennifer Egan.

Speaking of which, I am seriously miffed that The Warmth of Other Suns lost out on the Pulitzer and I still consider this book the achievement of the last year.

Happy summer reading.