04 October 2009

Autumnal Blessings

Fall is in the air, even in Southern California. There is a definite drop, albeit slight, in ambient temperature and sea breezes are just that much more present, evidenced by the song of my wind chimes. Nothing of course like the halcyon days of early Autumn on the east coast, but a slight shift nonetheless. Summer is over.

In Sacramento last week, the first leaves were on the ground. In Davis, definitely the cutest college town I've seen, a slight bit of orange tinted tall trees lining the downtown as the first days of cooler weather had finally arrived. In Sonoma County, so gorgeous at harvest, days remained hot while nights cool enough to shutter windows, a 30 degree or more drop, perfect for the last days of the grapes, which were hanging off the vine nearly begging to be picked. So beautiful there, as close to France as we have in this country, replete with hills of lavender scenting the air.

October is the best month almost everywhere in this country, and in many parts beyond, although I hear it's already snowing in Utah, pleasing perhaps to skiers. We are still in fire season here so less welcome for some. Soon, colder winds will blanket much of the US and rains will come to Southern California, that moment when hillsides of brown turn to green and whales begin their migration. Not so bad.

I love the warm and the first days of summer are always a thrill - in part because of my east coast heritage and in part, still, that feeling of release that summer brings to school kids and parents, our living calendar. But some natural changes are essential to fulfill the rhythms of our lives, no matter how subtle. Days are growing short. I have already laid on an extra blanket. Heavier sweaters will soon come out of their plastic hibernation. Change, once again, is a blessing and one can rely on the cycles of the season to renew the landscape and the soul. Easy for me to say, the sun is almost always shining here, and that makes all things possible.

Summer will return soon enough. Enjoy the pleasures of the season, wherever you are.