26 March 2009

Blessings of the Season

Self-determination. Among the many blessings one might achieve in life, self-determination should be up there, way up there, on the hierarchy of those most precious. Unhappy people are those whose lives are defined for them, dictated by others or by obligation. The best literature and the best drama is largely about the conflict between one’s self and opposing forces. Self-determination versus destiny, although surely these might constructively co-exist.

How blessed am I to be able to make choices. To have the brains and talent and skills, and damn good luck, to secure work when needed, and a history of judicious spending and saving to be able to take-off periodically when the opportunity presents.

More to the point, I am blessed with the support of good people and the light of the universe. Truly, that light shines on me even more often than I acknowledge. Today for example, when I thought oil was leaking from my car, so took it to my honest mechanic in town, only to discover that it was more serious than that, power steering fluid and a broken seal, which would have cost me over $500, except for the fact that is covered by the warranty. And no charge for the assessment. The same warranty that expires on SATURDAY! Off to Mazda dealership, and although a crimp in my schedule [not complaining entirely over the hour+ sitting in an empty waiting room reading, always a book at hand] and voila: fixed, washed, and absolutely no cost to me.

And then, my almost new landlord, confirms that I am indeed her choice for tenant, and that she accepts my offer for the lovely little house in Dana Point that I will, as of May 1st, call home. What a gift! A completely adorable house, clean and bright and with a wonderful English-style garden, close to downtown and the harbor and the beach and in an eclectic neighborhood that I have dubbed South-South Laguna, as it is only a mile or so south of the town I will forever think of as my adopted home.

And, icing on the proverbial cake, once settled in the new digs, I get to spend some time with my dear ones in NY-CT. Another gift. What were those lovely words of Oscar Hammerstein? “Perhaps I had a wicked childhood, perhaps I had a miserable youth, but somewhere in this wicked miserable life, there must have been a moment of truth.”

Just in time for Passover – renewal! How blessed am I!