23 January 2017

The Inventor: Rachel Cusk

Rachel Cusk

I don't as a rule cite other people's reviews - the point of this blog is to present my own - however this writer fascinates me. I read the first of what turns out to be a trilogy, "Outline," and although I struggled with the structure, nearly a full stream of conscious narrative, the novel stayed with me and the writing knocked me out. So of course I will read this second installment, which sounds even better, and I will report back, but I thought I'd share this review with you. I am so admiring of these skillful writers determined to break the mold on fiction, even though I love the mold when it works. Nothing like a good old-fashioned story. Or even the non-traditional story like the new wonderful Paul Auster which I will review soon. I suppose you might compare her work to an abstract expressionist. All a matter of reflection and perspective. Oh so interesting. Let me know if you read and what you think and I will do the same. Here's the link to the review posted today by Monica Ali, another interesting post-post-modernist. Cheers.

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