10 May 2014

Briefly on Atkinson

Just posted on Goodreads a summary review of Life after Life by the great Kate Atkinson.

Kate looks like someone I'd like to lunch with!
The great Kate Atkinson never fails to surprise and "Life After Life" is not only different from previous novels but different from just about anything you might read. Not easy going at first - takes a bit to get into the repetitive and circular motion of Ursula's life, and all those in her orbit - but worth staying with as it evolves into a profound portrait of English life and style and the vulnerability of a nation during the World Wars. As Ursula faces tragedies, dies and is repeatedly reborn, raped and emotionally abused, discovers her own strengths or seeks comfort in indiscretions, in many ways, so goes a nation. The book is an obsessive read, hard to put down once into it, and important to stay with in order to sustain the flow. For those who read a few pages a night before they sleep, might not work. Optimally, find real time to devote to several chapters at once. I have admired Atkinson since "Behind the Scenes at the Museum" which I still recommend highly, a remarkable debut and she just gets better all the time.


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